Why Sell TechCare Plus ?

TechCare Plus partner stores reap big benefits and also create value for their customers.

Generous Margins

Participating stores receive generous margins when selling TechCare Plus protection plans, which means extra income for the stores and for store associates.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

TechCare Plus offers some of the best pricing and lowest deductibles available. Plus, TechCare Plus pricing is simple and easy for store associates to explain. It also provides discounts when covering multiple devices.

Plans For Households, Schools and Small Businesses

Protection plans offered by TechCare Plus are perfect for households, schools and small businesses. TechCare Plus plans allow participating stores to expand their relationships with each of these key customer groups.

Stores Do The Repairs

Participating stores do the repairs. Customers don’t like to ship their devices off for repair. Customers like TechCare Plus because they can just drop off their devices to be repaired and pick them up later. Participating stores benefit because customers return to the store more often, strengthening the relationship.

Competitive Repair Reimbursement

Not only do TechCare Plus partner stores perform the repairs, they get reimbursed quickly for repairs, and at competitive rates.

Comprehensive Training and Support

TechCare Plus offers initial and ongoing sales training.

Easy Claims

Claims are filed easily and quickly online. For larger store chains, TechCare Plus enables plan sale and claim submission through a variety of data transfer options.

Clear Coverage Details

TechCare Plus coverage is simple and easy to understand.

Quality Replacement Parts

TechCare Plus promptly ships stores parts that were used in the repair.


Additional Coverage Options

Want to cover other products that you sell in your store, such as Chromebooks or laptops? Just ask us and we’ll provide a quote.

Easy Start-up

TechCare Plus does not require any startup costs, and TechCare Plus helps with program implementation.

Coverage Areas

Stores located anywhere in the US and Canada can apply to participate.


Legal and Compliant

TechCare Plus is filed and approved in all 50 states and Canada.


How it Works

Finding the right protection plan is important for your business. Choose a program that provides attractive returns, plus a valued service for your customers.

  • 1


    Apply to participate

  • 2


    Get trained to sell & repair

  • 3


    Sell plans to customers

  • 4


    Submit claims

  • 5


    Perform repairs

  • 6


    Submit repair invoice

  • 7


    Recieve payment for repairs plus replacements parts

  • 8


    Work with TechCare Plus to continually refine your program