TechCare Plus protection plans are great for customers

Plans are affordable. Some of the best pricing for plans anywhere

Super-low deductibles

Pricing is easy to understand and discounts for covering multiple devices

Claims are easy to file, the customer’s local store takes care of everything

Repairs are performed at the local store, no need to ship the device off for repair

Plans cover mechanical failure, but also accidental damage, such as spills

How it Works

We know it's hard to live without devices. That's why most repairs are done at your local store, so you can get them back fast and good as new.

  • 1

    Buy a Plan

    Purchase a plan from a local store

  • 2

    File a Claim

    Take the device to a local store to submit a claim

  • 3

    Get it Fixed

    Local store repairs the device

  • 4

    Good as New

    Pick up the repaired device at local store

TechCare Plus Coverage

FAQ for prospective customers

Some important things to consider:
  • How much do the plans cost?

    TechCare Plus plans are affordable and some of the lowest in the industry.

  • Do I buy the plan upfront or pay monthly?

    Pay only once upfront. No pesky recurring billing. Pay once and you’re done.

  • What are the deductibles?

    TechCare Plus offers some of the lowest deductibles out there

  • Is accidental damage covered?

    Yes, accidental damage is covered, with some exceptions noted in the Terms & Conditions. Click here for the full Terms & Conditions

  • How do I get my mobile device repaired?

    Bring your broken device to your local participating store and it will repair the device. Pick it up when It’s done.

  • Will I receive my same phone back or a replacement phone?

    Your local participating store will attempt to repair your existing device. In some cases, you’ll receive a replacement device, but the store will let you know.

  • What is the plan cancellation policy?

    Cancel any time and receive a prorated refund, less any claims costs.

  • Is water damage and other liquid spills covered?

    Yes, most liquid spill situations are covered.

  • How fast are the devices repaired?

    TechCare Plus participating stores try to repair devices same day or next day. Ask your store for an expected repair timeframe when you drop off your device.

  • Are loss and theft covered?

    Unfortunately, loss and theft are not covered.