What is TechCare Plus?

TechCare Plus is a protection plan program designed specifically for independent mobile device repair stores and chains, plus authorized carrier dealers. Stores are welcome to apply to sell the program and perform program repairs. To apply, email us at sales@techcareplus.com.

TechCare Plus offers protection plans on new devices, but also on used, just-repaired and out-of -warranty mobile devices, including mobile phones tablets and MP3s. TechCare Plus protection plans cover mechanical failure and accidental damage. Most current, 2nd and 3rd generation devices are eligible. Laptop coverage is available by request.

TechCare Plus is a Turn-Key Program, offering stores a great protection plan program with full support.

Turn key Programe

Benefits for Participating Stores

  • Plans cover new devices as well as used on used, just-repaired and out-of-warranty devices
  • No startup costs
  • Stores perform the repairs
  • Stores earn generous commissions on plan sales
  • Stores are reimbursed for repair labor at competitive rates
  • Training and support provided
  • Plan sales and claims are submitted online
  • Stores receive replacement parts…TechCare Plus ships quality replacement parts that were used in the repairs to partner stores
  • TechCare Plus is registered and legal in all 50 states

Options for Larger Store Chains

  • Flexible Branding: TechCare Plus, private label, white label
  • Flexible Pricing: designed to required margins
  • Integrated Sales and Claims Submission: point-of-sale system
  • Enhanced Marketing Support: custom marketing materials, assistance with selling program to store management and/or franchisees
  • Extra Training Support: custom training program, field training resources, enhanced support
  • Additional Product Coverage: laptops, etc
  • Additional Program Features: identify theft protection

Benefits for Store Customers

  • Competitively priced plans with low deductibles
  • Plans for individuals, families and small businesses
  • Plans cover mechanical failure PLUS accidental damage
  • Local stores perform repairs
  • Quality, responsive customer service

How it Works

Finding the right protection plan is important for your business. Choose a program that provides attractive returns, plus a valued service for your customers.

  • 1


    Apply to participate

  • 2


    Get trained to sell & repair

  • 3


    Sell plans to customers

  • 4


    Submit claims

  • 5


    Perform repairs

  • 6


    Submit repair invoice

  • 7


    Recieve payment for repairs plus replacements parts

  • 8


    Work with TechCare Plus to continually refine your program

Are you a Store ?

To learn how TechCare Plus can help your business, or if you’re ready to apply, contact us at sales@techcareplus.com

TechCare Plus Partners

  • Emergent Protect
  • Revamp Electronics
  • Mercedes
  • AmTrust